Art 2 Final Portfolio

    In my opinion, my most successful project was the portrait project. This project we were told to choose somebody to make a portrait of using non-traditional materials. Most of us were supposed to use real people, but I decided it was best to do a cartoon for my specific materials, and Mr.Sands agreed. I chose Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Since I'm so passionate about baking and making specialty cakes, I decided it would be pretty cool if I were to use those skills to make the portrait. I've made some pretty cool decorative cakes, but this was my first portrait cake. I knew it would be a bit of a challenge, but I knew I could do it. My materials consisted of fondant, butter cream frosting, food coloring, food dye mix, a paint brush, and two 1/4 sheet sized chocolate cakes. I made everything from scratch, and that's one reason I'm so proud of this piece. The size of my final project was approximately life size to a human head or a bit larger, and I think that brought it to life. I carefully tinted the fondant and painted the details to help make it look as true as possible. I think the coolest part of my project was that after presenting it to the class, everyone got to eat a piece of my yummy cake. Not only does this project help my artistic skills, but also it gives me another push into my baking career.

     I think the project that I feel I overcame the most obstacles was the "what's the point?" project. We had to incorporate contrast into our themed drawing. We could choose which medium we wanted to use. I used pencil and charcoal and a blending stick. One obstacle I overcame was that I used something very close and personal and I was putting my feelings out there through my work. Another was my choice of using one color, so I had to be careful to blend and contrast well. I think I did a very good job at this, and portrayed a lot of emotion. Challenging myself makes me a better artist because now I'm not afraid to show my feelings through art anymore. It's a nice way of releasing my emotions. I'm proud of this work because it let me express myself and it shows another side of me.

      Over the semester my work improved and I grew as an artist. Two projects demonstrating this are the "up close and personal" project and the "sticky situation" project. For my up close and personal project I drew 2 people, in-love, hugging and holding each other safe. That is very personal to me because it's something close to the heart and something I have. We had to show emphasis, and I did that by having a dark background, but a bright colorful focal point in the center. I used colored pencil for this project. I made this project simple and didn't try or spend much time on it, so I don't think it's very good. For the sticky situation  project, I used repetition and sticky themed items by deciding to make a bunch of gumballs. I really like this project because it's so bright and colorful and shiny. I think I definitely improved with this project, all the layers and color and shading. I used more colors and shading techniques. I was creative and had a vision and worked to achieve that.

     The new way of teaching being used was very affective to me and my art progress. This semester we were able to choose our materials and project ideas off of a loose theme to go by. We were able to interpret the meaning on our own and decide what we thought would be best. I like having the freedom, it allows for more creative minds and better art. It also gives a wider variety for the class. One example was of my portrait cake above. I was able to use any non-traditional item and I chose cake. Also, for the sticky situation, we were allowed to choose which type of paint we would use, and I chose acrylic. This let me have brighter colors and more shading and more realistic looks. This lets the artist feel different materials and find which they work best with, providing more comfort and artistic results.

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