Friday, January 3, 2014

This project was a portrait using non-traditional materials. I did my portrait on Shaggy from Scooby Doo. I chose him because he was my favorite when I was younger. I thought he would be the perfect face to do with my chosen materials. I chose to make a cake since baking is my passion, and I knew I could do it easily if I tried. This was my first portrait cake, but I've made other unique pictures and designs. I use all my own recipes all from scratch. I used chocolate cake, vanilla frosting, different dyed fondants, and a mixed food coloring base to paint the details. One risk I took was that I've never made a face this large and exact before, so I was trying something new. I'm very good at baking, but theres always a chance you forget an ingredient or something goes wrong out of your control. If you slice too much off, paint too much, end up with the wrong color fondant, or any mistake, you have to toss everything and start over. Luckily, I was very careful and got through without any mistakes. My materials do not connect to Shaggy, but they do look very well with his face.

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