Monday, October 21, 2013


The theme for this project was up close and personal. When I think of what's personal to me, I think of possessions or hobbies or secrets, but most of all I think of love. In this picture I captured an important loving relationship in my life at the moment. This represents feelings to me that others wouldn't understand just by looking. The two people are hugging and holding eachother close, safe. It shows a bond too strong to ever be broken no matter what's thrown at it.

I demonstrated emphasis buy creating a colorful glow around the main picture, and using a black and dark blue background. This also shows how personal this is, the center of my world, like nothing else matters in this moment. I used colored pencils to create a soft yet colorful look. I took a risk with this project by creating the center on a different paper and intended to use that and color the background. It ended up failing and I thought I'd have to start all over. I ended up cutting it out and gluing it to a black paper and it all worked out. This definitely holds strong emotion and tells a story close to my heart.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Shading contrast drawing project 1

The tools I used for this drawing was a pencil, sketch penicil, and a blending tool. First I drew the body and added details. I started shading and adding a floor and walls. I wanted her to look all alone and her shadow from the light peeking in hovering over her. it makes you wonder where the light is coming from, and whats gonna happen next. Does someone find her and help her, or is she all alone to do what she has planned? The message "What's The Point?" is conveyed in the sense of whats the point of trying anymore, whats the point of being alive? To her, there is none.